Ordering – F45 Wholesale USA



Click on the ‘Account’ button located at the far right side of the main menu. If you’re an F45 member, you’ll be able to sign in with your current details. If you’re not an F45 member, click ‘Create Account’.

Please note you’ll be able to browse and add items to cart without being logged in, but will need to log in or sign up to proceed to the checkout and complete your purchase.



We accept most major credit and debit cards - Visa, Mastercard and American Express.



To fully ensure the security of your online payment, we use Stripe Payment Solutions. Stripe employs proven technology and procedures to transmit data safely and to safeguard consumer data. Stripe Payment Solutions is PCI compliant, which requires diligent adherence to anti-fraud measures to protect merchants and consumers.


This page was created on 23rd October 2017

This page was last modified on 23rd October 2017